3 wax packs of your choice = 1.14 kg

  • A painless, hypoallergenic body wax
  • Long lasting effect
  • Reusable
  • Sufficient supply for over 3 month use
Price: £41.99 Sale price: £27.99
Painless and safe
Painless and safe

The body wax is made of natural ingredients that make it painless to use.

Different scents
Different scents

The body wax is offered in 9 different versions, suitable for every skin type.

Long lasting effect
Long lasting effect

After depilation, the skin remains smooth for up to 27 days.

Perfectly smooth
Perfectly smooth

Easy to use even in hard to reach places and removes even the stubborn short hairs.

How it works?

CAUTION: Use Waxx products according to the instructions for use to achieve the best results. If you do not follow the instructions, you will not get the desired results.

*Use a container that is designated for waxing only, as it is hard to clean the product from it completely. We recommend using a ceramic or glass container.

After a clinical study with 1,000 women conducted in Germany in 2018, 89% of participants rated "Very satisfied" with the results after depilation with Waxx products.


-34% Wax heater + 2 wax packs Wax heater + 2 wax packs
Wax heater + 2 wax packs

Purchase a heater and 2 packs of wax at a Top Price!

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Body wax "Honey" 380 gr.

Perfect for removing even the shortest facial hair.

Price: £13.99 Sale price: £11.99
Body wax "Aloe vera" 380 gr.

Suitable for delicate skin in sensitive areas of the body.

Price: £13.99 Sale price: £11.99
Body wax "Sea mud" 380 gr.

Perfect for treating areas of the body with stubborn hair.

Price: £13.99 Sale price: £11.99
Body wax "Plum" 380 gr.

Perfect for removing leg hair.

Price: £13.99 Sale price: £11.99
-14% Waxx
NEW Waxx Ice Cream Mango 75 g.

Body wax in the shape of Ice Cream! With mango aroma suitable for epilation of arms and legs.

Price: £13.99 Sale price: £11.99

Premium wax

Premium Body wax "Sandalwood" 380 gr.

Body wax with sandalwood oil designed to remove hair in delicate areas.

Price: £15.99 Sale price: £13.99
-11% Waxx
Premium Body wax "Golden Pearl" 380 gr.

Pearl luxury limited edition body wax designed for the whole body.

Price: £17.99 Sale price: £15.99

Extra care for your body

-25% Waxx
After wax oil - Mint

The oil with a captivating aroma of mint effectively removes the remnants of body wax and helps reduce redness and pain.

Price: £11.99 Sale price: £8.99
-40% Waxx
Lotion for hair growth retardant - Orchid

It slows down hair growth and over time it becomes thinner and weaker, reducing the need for shaving and waxing.

Price: £14.99 Sale price: £8.99


-6% Waxx
Wax heater

Temperature control. Suitable for personal and professional use.

Price: £33.99 Sale price: £31.99
0% Waxx
Additional wooden spatulas - 10 pcs.

For applying wax all over the body. *Each pack of wax includes one spatula.

Price: £1 Sale price: £1

A few facts about Waxx


of consumers think that Waxx is more painless than other body waxes


of people who have tested WaXx are convinced of its long-lasting effect


of consumers say that regular use of the car mask reduces new hair growth


of people who have used WaXx say they will continue to use it as their main method of depilation

-50% 5 wax packs of your choice
5 wax packs of your choice

Purchase 5 wax packs of your choice at a Top Price!

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-56% 6 wax packs of your choice
6 wax packs of your choice

Purchase 6 wax packs of your choice at a Top Price!

Price: £83.94 Sale price: £36.99

Everything related to Waxx Do you have any further questions about Waxx? Read our questions and answers

1. How I can order?

2. What is the delivery cost?

Delivery is free for orders over £50. For orders under £50 the delivery price is £4.

3. How can I pay?

You can pay by credit or debit card, or Apple pay.

4. What is the delivery time?

The delivery time is from 6-7 business days

5. Where are deliveries made to?

Delivery is made to the address you specified.

During business days, the usual hours of delievery are between 9 a.m. and 17:30 p.m.

6. Can I return a product?

Yes, you may return the product within fourteen (14) days from the date of purchase, the only condition is that the product was not used.

7. How much is the product warranty?

The warranty is 24 months from the date of purchase.

8. Are any additional materials required for depilation?

The use of hair removal pads is not required as the wax is peeled off using your fingers and no other materials.

9. Does using WaXx body wax cause any pain?

The ingredients from which WaXx is made make it gentler on the skin and at the same time painless, making it suitable even for sensitive areas.

10. What zones is WaXx suitable for?

WaXx can be used for depilation of the whole body, including face and bikini zone.

11. Does the wax leave any marks on the skin after use?

Unlike other brands, the use of WaXx leaves behind only clean and smooth skin.

12. Does it remove even the shortest hair?

The body wax removes even the shortest hairs invisible to the naked eye.

13. How often does it have to be used?

Waxx products promise smooth skin for up to 3 weeks without the need for another depilation.

14. Are there any side effects?

The environmentally friendly ingredients that make up the wax guarantee its safe use without any side effects.

15. What products should be used on the epilated skin afterwards?

You can use products that contain jojoba, aloe vera or rice proteins to reduce skin redness, burning and itching.

16. Are spatulas included with each pack of wax?

Yes, you have a wooden spatula in each pack of wax.

If they are not enough, you can buy a separate package of spatulas.

If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]